Award-Winning Tactical Trading Card Game

Paragon: Monsters & Mayhem is a fast paced fantasy TCG in which you command monsters and magic to dominate a gridded battlefield to obtain the most victory points before time runs out.

  • 2-4 Players
  • 15-30 Minutes

With an expansive array of creature cards, spell cards, and item cards at your disposal, you'll strategize, adapt, and conquer in this thrilling game of tactics and glory!


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Choose Your Paragon

Each deck is built around a Paragon from a particular domain or combination of domains. There are 6 domains including; Life, Death, Order, Chaos, Might and Aether, and they all have different play styles.

Fight To Control The Battlefield

Opponents play their cards on a gridded battlefield and compare combat values to determine the outcomes of battle. Match up the combat values on the touching edge of adjacent cards to see if the defending creature either blocks the attack, is defeated, or is slain. Defeated creatures are captured by the attacking player. Slain creatures are discarded.

Fortunes can turn quickly in Paragon: Monsters & Mayhem. One misstep can lead to an opportunity for an opponent and the tide of battle can shift in an instant.

Control The Most Creatures To Win!

Each creature you control counts toward your victory points. The player with the most the most victory points at the end of turn 10 wins the game*

*Sudden Death! In the event of a tie, the game goes into overtime where each play becomes increasingly more important than the last. Be the first to lay waste to your enemies and dominate the battlefield!

For Gamers, By Gamers

The design team is focused on our player's enjoyment first and foremost. From the pack opening experience, to the deck building process, to the gameplay, to the ever-expanding lore. We want this to be a game that you enjoy now, and far into the future.